Thursday, January 10, 2013

A surprising buffet selection @ The Gazebo

I would just like to Thank the communications team at Charterhouse for inviting me to try their buffet at The Gazebo.
I tried the buffet the very day they invited me, even their restaurant team did not know of the tasting so what I ate was truly good not because they made it good for the tasting.
Before I went I did not read the reviews because I did not want to be biased or have any expectations.

While I was there, the customers also said the food was good, and customers liked what I liked.

The current promotion is the Winter buffet which is $298 per person from Mondays to Thursdays.
During Fridays and the weekend it is $318 per person.
There is a 20% discount for HSBC/Hang Seng/Buffet Club card holders and on Mondays there a whopping 30% discount.

Although I do not drink alcohol, they had a free bottle of beer per person.
The hygiene was good especially for the fruits which were covered and less likely to attract flies.
The soba noodles were well chilled and for the soup noodles they even had Laksa and Hainan style chicken with rice.
The selection of noodles there were amazing: squid ink pasta, silver pin noodle, jade noodles and orange noodles and the usual types.
For flower lovers, they had Lavender cake and Roselle tea jelly!
In the desserts section, they had a glass cabinet of cute mini egg tarts, portugese tarts and bread and butter pudding as well as banana cake. They even had the Thai Cendol dessert.
For the cooked selection, they had baked oysters, lasagne, and many more.
Ultimately there were quite a few must eat and addictive items which I could hear others mention too, and after checking the reviews on Openrice after dining there everyone seems to like the porks trotters in sweet vinegar.
Pork trotters in vinegar:
When I saw it, it was pork trotters in thick black sauce, the trotters were hairless so I picked a piece.
After trying it, I was addicted, the texture of the trotter was not too soft, and the vinegar was not too sweet or sour with a gingery taste.
It was so good that I drank some of the vinegar too.
If the ginger was not that tough I would have eaten it too.
I heard the others ask the staff for more refills with extra eggs!
Sweet prawns:
Recently I had a craving for the prawns at IKEA because they had prawn roe too but I had my craving satisfied here because these sweet prawns from the Sushi bar have them too.
The colour of the prawn roe was interesting and they are turquoise.
Not only did I like them, the rest of the people in the restaurant liked it too, the advantage of overhearing what was good because the group of people were talking loudly tongue.
The sweet prawns here were not peeled which kept the full flavour of the prawns locked in and the prawn roe too.
Grilled Okra:
I was surprised they had okra because this is also one of my favourite vegetables.
One of the rounds I took:
On this round I picked various cheeses, lasagne, porks trotters, crab claws, baked oyster, chicken.
Overall the buffet was good because they had scissors to aid the removal of the shell from the crab, and the drinks were self service and bottomless at the drinks bar and for icecreams they had Dreyers with quite a few flavours with mint and chocolate being my favourite.
There was also a pancake maker too.Restaurant info:
The Gazebo Restaurant
1/F, The Charterhouse Causeway Bay,
209-219 Wanchai Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2892 3388

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