Friday, January 11, 2013

Big sago pearls in Mathy's Taro and sago dessert

Usually I will frown when Chinese restaurants serve me sweet soup because I find it disgusting and too sweet.

However, this restaurant has never served sweet soup before or any other desserts, but due to the competition around they have started to offer sweet soup.
When they asked me if I wanted any, I initially said No, but then I then I changed my mind because the food here is good in general and they have never served desserts before so I might as well try it.

Taro and sago sweet soup:
When it came, it looked like a bowl of greyish milk, and I poked my spoon in it unwillingly.
To my delight I saw these massive sago pearls which were visually pleasing.
Usually, the sago pearls in these sweet soups are tiny, but these ones are about 5mm in diameter.
The taste of the taro and sago sweet soup was ok so I had a half a bowl which is a record for me.
I usually taste a drop of the sweet soup and leave it because it is too sweet and because I just do not like Hong Kong style sweet soups because I do not like red beans or sweet potatoes.

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