Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinoy style Pickled egg with tomatoes and onions

One of my regular places has packed up so I am back to lovely Pinoy food again, which is light and non oily and better than HK style oily food!

Basically, you can pick two choices and meat and a veg for $25 with rice.

I never know what I eat from here because the food is not labelled but 9 out of 10 times it tastes good.
Everytime I come here there is always something new........... how do they do that???

I find the best days to come are on Mondays because Sunday is the day off for Philipinos, so to cater for them they will offer a bigger variety and on the next day, they are bound to have those varieties leftover for those who cannot take Sundays off and take Monday off.

Pickled egg with tomatoes and onions:
Before I tried it, I did not know what it was, but it got my attention because it was sliced boiled eggs.
Usually boiled eggs are used in salads and not cooked again, but since it was a cooked dish, I decided to try it to see what was so special!
The tastes was just amazing. At first I thought it was a salted egg, but the saltiness was really light but enough and it was also sour too because I realised it had been pickled. It was so refreshing.
There was also tomatoes and onions with it which made it even more appetizing.
The egg yolk had turned velvety like starch just like Salted egg yolks without the heavy saltiness.
I wish they could offer this everyday.
Bittermelon with egg:
The bittermelon was not soft enough this time but it still tasted ok.
Sweet bun:
I do not know what this is, but it tasted really nice even though the paste in the middle was a bit too colourful.

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