Friday, January 18, 2013

Taste the real rainbow with the rainbow club

Mrs B's Bakery is famous for their artisan cakes and the Rainbow connection.

There is now a savory rainbow in the form of a sandwich.
I found out about it when I walked past the branch in Tai Hang so decided to go in for it, however they only serve this at Pacific place.
Anyway I was at Pacific place recently so I went in for the Rainbow club sandwich.
The RAINBOW club consists of French Ham, Cheese, Omelette, Avocado, roasted chicken and salads in between layers of Spinach, beetroot, bamboo charcoal and Saffron handmade artisan breads.

When it came, the sandwich was loaded with fillings from cheese, avocado, omelette as stated on the menu, it even came with gherkins and bacon which were not listed.
I was a bit disappointed that the bread was quite thin because I would have preferred thicker slices and less filling.
Although all the fillings were delicious I felt that there was too much filling.
The omelette was really nice and fluffy.
I was glad that the bread was properly savoury or it would have been tragic having sweet bread with savory fillings.
They also used proper Western mayonnaise too which was impressive and did not ruin the taste of the sandwich.
I tasted each of the layers of bread separately but the flavours were not that strong.
The layers of bread in the middle of the sandwich were slightly soggy.
Salt & Vinegar Crisps:
The side of crisps that came with it delighted me because I assumed they would be ordinary crisps but they were my favourite vinegar crisps and not Hong Kong style flavours.
Anyway I hope to try the Rainbow Connection one day.

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