Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maxim's 45th anniversary celebration - BB cakes

A while ago, Maxim's launched their Happy Rainbow cake as a kick off to their 45th anniversary.
In addition to that, they have now launched the Baby cakes which represent the cakes sold at those different decades.

There are four cakes:
1960s - German black forest cake
1970s - Chestnut and cream cake
1980s - Fruit and cream cake
2000s - Crispy mango cake

The cakes look really cute on display and are about 4 inches in diameter.
Visually all of them looked really good and scaled to the right proportion especially the chestnut cake and the fruit cake.
They can be bought in twos or the complete set.

There were only two that I thought were going to taste nice so I just got the Black forest and the fruit and cream cake.
It would also be interesting to try these cakes as they were not around in my time nor was I brought up with Maxim's.

Rainbow cake:
More photos and the full review please read:
German black forest cake:
This was surprisingly nice because the cream was light and not too sweet, and between the layers there was jelly and cherries.
The jelly had a nostalgic taste which was quite artificial and it was nice with the cream and chocolate shavings.
Fruit and cream cake:
The fruit cake tasted really nice and I forgot to take a picture.
I really liked it because there were less fruit in the layers which I do not like and the cream tasted normal for once (ie not salted).
The roasted almond slices tasted really nice with the cake and cream and gave it so much more depth.
To be honest, I have never liked Maxim's cakes because it is Hong Kong style, but their vintage cakes actually taste like Western cakes.
I have not tried the chestnut cake so at the moment I do not know whether I like it or hate it.
The Happy Rainbow also tasted Ok but it is a copycat of Mrs B's and apart from the colouring, the Maxim's version just tastes like an ordinary cake.

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