Friday, 18 January 2013

Taro Green tea latte @ cha FOR TEA

Tried the taro drink because it contains fresh taro.
There were two choices: Taro Green tea latte or Taro Green milk tea.
I tried the Taro Green tea latte because it was a popular item and it contains fresh milk and not powdered milk.
There was a long queue that day, and they had tea samples but were serving it selectively to people.
Taro Green tea latte:
The drink did not really impress me because the Jasmine taste was really strong.
However it was fun with pieces of crushed taro at the bottom, some of it was starchy.
I wonder if there is a big difference in taste between the latte and the milk tea because the latte did not taste very milky.
Interesting green tea tofu!

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