Friday, December 28, 2012

Supersupergirl gets Bing'd with Bing'nam style crepes

I was really excited when I saw this place due to open because of the vibrant bright yellow and orange theme. This place used to be the Leaf Tea boutique which did not do as well as Teavers or SinMei.

After googling it I found out that they were Beijng style pancakes which I then considered whether to try it or not because it was Chinese food, but after watching the video of the pancakes by Mr.Bing in Beijing, they reminded me of the pancakes at Tai O because they also contain a piece of crispy cracker in it.

I have never been to Beijing before so I wouldnt know what the Beijng style street pancakes taste like.
I can only compare it to the one I tried at Tai O.

When it finally opened, I was compelled to try most of their pancakes because they had sweet and savoury style pancakes.

The savoury ones were jazzed up containing duck and cucumber like the China town ones and for the Sweet one Singa-bing they had my favourite Kaya and dessicated coconut.
There is a Sweet Hongkie crepe which has peanut butter and condensed milk which is not really my cup of tea but after trying the Singa-bing, the Hongkie style pancake may turn out good.

For the pancakes, there are a choice of different flour bases which are: green bean flour, millet flour and buckwheat.
The piece of crispy cracker in the pancake works wonders, not only does it add crunch to the pancake, it makes the pancake rigid and easier to eat especially if you are out and about or walking.

Every pancake is freshly made to order. There is a dine in area downstairs as well as the bar tables upstairs. The kitchen is manned by some friendly Nepalese people but for some reason the locals think they are Philipinos.

It was a rare sight too that day too, because there was an officer at Mr Bing getting binged and chatting up Mr Goldberg! ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
Mr Goldberg is the founder of Mr Bing and he was inspired by street food in Beijing when he studied there.
He is also fond of the pop culture and local brands there. In the end I tried two savoury pancakes and one sweet pancake.

Original Jianbing (SAVOURY):
Menu description:house sauce, chili paste, tofu sauce, cilantro, pickled turnips, black sesame seeds, leek, egg, crisp. This was a vegetarian pancake but it was packed with flavours.
It had my favourite tofu sauce (red beancurd sauce) and the lovely crispyness of the pancake along with cilantro and leek was delicious.
Peking duck Bing (SAVOURY):
Menu description:roast duck, cucumber, leek, pickled ginger, duck sauce, egg, crisp. This was also nice too because of the cucumber, duck and duck sauce which taste as good as the pancakes with duck and cucumber in China town.
I did not think I would like the pickled ginger in the pancakes but they were better than anticipated because they were not the usual sweet ones, they were slightly sour and refreshing.
Singa-bing (SWEET):
Menu description: kaya, shredded coconut, egg, crisp. It was fun eating this because of the crunch in the middle. The taste was a good mix of kaya spread and dessicated coconut.
Overall, I loved the pancakes here because there were so many flavours and the crisp in the pancake made the floppy pancake rigid and easier to eat.
Compared to the Tai O pancakes, the Tai O one is softer and has more egg and cumin in the taste.
The only factor I did not like was the paper bag they used because it gave off a waxy smell.
Pancakes at Tai O

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