Friday, September 27, 2013

A fishy selection at CEO

CEO Neway (Causeway Bay)
At CEO, they usually have a good buffet selection.

On the day I went, there was so much fish in the buffet selection but some smelt a bit fishy.
Salmon and grilled mackerel

Steamed fish, whelks (bit too spicy).

The Duck in pita bread was actually really nice because the pita bread made it more substantial and the sauces, cucumber and spring onions paired it nicely.
The Thai salad was good too, but again too spicy.

As well as that, there were huge clams, but they had some sand in them.
Then there was German pork knuckles, escargots and mash too.

There was also foie gras but it was a bit too oily, and they had colourful macarons too but the taste of the macarons were too buttery for my liking because they put butter in it.

The food is ok, but sometimes the plates are sticky, so bare that in mind when you get a fresh plate.

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