Monday, September 30, 2013

Vieil homme chinois aime le poulet rôti

La Rotisserie (Wan Chai)

Just as much as I love Roast chicken! I discovered that OLD Chinese men love it too!
When I was at the Sai ying pun branch of La Rotisserie, an old man got his roast chicken.

At the new branch in Wan Chai, there was another old man getting roast Chicken.

The layout of the Wan Chai and Sai Ying Pun branch are pretty much the same, selling pates, candies but there is a bar table at the Wan Chai branch.

I went there during the first few days it opened because they were doing a lunch deal for $50.

It was so crowded on the first day that I gave up getting some chicken.

I sneaked out earlier on the second day before the crowd and got my chicken fast.
As well as that, I tried the croque poulet and forgot to take a photo of the actual thing.
The knife and fork they give you is decent and rigid so you can eat your chicken properly.
I went to this other roast chicken place and they gave me weak plastic cutlery which snapped half way through (GREAT!).

Roast chicken and potatoes:

Delicious juicy chicken with rosemary herbs.
Tried the the thigh part and the white meat which were great and fully flavoured right through.
There was lots of chicken juice in the box too which tasted great with the potatoes.
The potatoes were soft on the inside with a delicious chewy skin.
Croque poulet:

The croque poulet is basically the same as the croque monsieur but it has chicken in it which is why it is called poulet.
It was a bit too buttery and the chicken sauce was a bit too creamy but the onions in it balanced it out nicely.
On my next visit, I will get my favourite quiches and lemon tarts.

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