Sunday, September 01, 2013

My moment for food at Food Station (Mei Foo)
After my unsuccessful visit to 滄浪亭 Tsong long ting nearby I decided to go to Food Station 無休站 because there was still food I have not tried yet.

The shopping mall is currently undergoing rennovations hence there is a lot of drilling and dusty air about.

I think it is fates idea that I can't dine at Tsong Long Ting because when I went to their Tsuen Wan branch it was closed, then at the Mei Foo branch, they decided to temporarily stop the air con at the mall on the day way I went so Tsong Long Ting was closed.

Since my last visit, they have more choice of sauces for their noodles and they have crispy noodles as well!

I regretted not getting the noodles because I won't be in Mei Foo again.
(new sauces: vinaigrette, spicy stirfry)

Crispy noodles

I was quite impressed with their fried items because I was expecting oily food but none of them were oily because they were cooked in an AirFryer.

The items are not submerged in oil, but are laid on a metal pan and the top will occaisionally light up red.
The AirFryer looks a bit like a UFO when it is in operation.

Saw some attractive posters for macaroni cheese, chicken kiev with ham and cheese and the Shanghai pie which I got!

Deep fried macaroni cheese:

The product shot and the real thing looks quite different but the real thing looks the same as the macaroni and cheese I had before.
The taste was much nicer because it was not that oily with soft macaroni inside.
Chicken kiev with chicken and ham:

The chicken kiev was neatly held in a paper bag.
It tasted quite nice with melted cheese in the middle but the chicken that was used in this kiev was processed chicken.

Shanghai pie:

Again it looked different to the product shot which shows a puff pastry.

The pie was actually a piece of Taiwanese roti/pancake with cheese spread in the middle and heated up.

It was delicious and non oily.

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