Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rancid sweets from Tai Cheong

Tai Cheong Bakery (Mong Kok)

Originally planned to get these grapefruit sweets for some fellow foodies because they seemed interesting.

As always I will also get one for myself to try so that I know whether it actually tastes good before giving them to people.

In this case, when I unscrewed the lid, I could smell rancid coconut so I tried a little bit and it had definitely gone off.

I checked the rest and they smelt the same so I took them back.

The staff at Tai Cheong could also smell it and offered to exchange it for other products so I got them exchanged.
The other ones on the shelf smelt rancid as well and I wondered if it was because of the bright light directly above the jars heating them up.

Thankfully this place had basic customer service unlike other local places.

It would be amusing if I did not try them because the ones I would have given to foodies would definately be negative reviews.

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