Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sandakan food at Cafe Kool

Café Kool (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Shangri-La hotel has partnered with three Malaysian guest chefs: Johon Bin Sinma, Kuneh Binti Sumpat and Chong Vui San to offer an extensive Sandakan buffet at Cafe Kool.

I was greeted by a vibrant reception and a Sandakan 8% alcoholic drink which was really really nice because it was sweet with pineapple and rice wine and we were given a lovely handmade necklace.

I liked the way the dessert selection was near the entrance, it was a good reminder to leave some room for dessert too.

The buffet offers Banana bud salad, sea bird's nest salad to hinava shrimp, prawn roll with bambangan dressing, sambal belgacan (chili shrimp paste), ikan bilis (anchovies), sotong kangkung (squid and kong xin chai drizzled with peanut sauce), and bitter gourd hinava and mackerel.

Popular soup and noodle choices include Mee Suah (Shrimp soup), bak kut teh, laksa, Sandakan spring noodles and soto (Chicken noodles).

At the featured sections, there were Ikan panggang (grilled fish), assam curry fish head, steamed prawns and sabah lo ton garouper with soy sauce, soft shell crab, wok-fried crab with sambal, kam heong crab, fried butter prawns, oxtail assam peda, mui heong far lam (braised pork), ayam bakar (BBQ chicken), beef masak hitam (beef in soy sauce) and three flavoured chicken.

Lastly leave yourself some room for dessert with a captivating range such as Sandakan UFO tart, Jackfruit and Banana spring roll, chee tan cha (herbal tea with braised egg) and bahulu (Malaysian cake).
The Durian swiss roll was simply delicious with real pieces of durian in the middle and the fun UFO tart.

As well as their Sandakan food, their other food were great too with a good range of seafood, foie gras, shake shake salads served in glass jars, Indian food, Mexican food and the desserts!

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