Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vegetarian patty from the Subway

Subway (Wan Chai)
Since my last visit for 6 inch subs, the subs on this visit have improved.
Veggie patty:

Nicely identified by the written word Patty which makes life easier for the cashier and yourself especially when your buying more than one.
On this visit I had the vegetarian patty with mustard and BBQ sauce.
For the greens I had tomatoes, olives, lettuce and cucumbers and the bread I chose parmesian and oregano.

The reason why I said it had improved this time was that it did not leave me thirsty and bloated, the sauces and patty were well balanced.
The taste of the sub as a whole was much fresher and not so salty.
As this branch is super busy with long queues, they should have a form for people to tick while they are in the queue, it would be simpler for people to tick the type of bread, type of sauces, salads that they want especially for the non-English speakers who hold up the queue.
It is also good for customers because they do not need to shout out their choices because there are some people milling by the counter waiting for their subs.

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