Sunday, September 01, 2013

Ondogdogless cafe

Ondogdogcafe (Ho Man Tin)
Came here obviously to see the huskies, ie Ar B, SASA and SHABI.

All three of them were not there, however there were other dogs owned by the customers so it was pointless to take photos of them and post them here.

As for the food it was boring and the drinks were the worst because you could only take one sip because it is highly recommended for people who would like to get diabetes or want to put on weight.

The drinks selection was rather limited, it was just milkshakes, sodas and iced smoothies, you could tell they were going to sweet without ordering them which was why I opted for the hot water with lemon thinking the sugar would be separate.
hot water with lemon:

Usually this is served with sugar separately but here they have put half a cup of syrup in this!
It was too sweet.

watery potato mash made with potato mash powder.
This was not my first time going to a cafe with dogs or cats because Purple Mind cafe does really good pastas and they have friendly dogs there too.
At purple cafe, the dogs were well trained and do not piss or defecate in the cafe.

It was very boring because Ar B, SASA and SHABI were not there but it was entertaining to watch other dogs piss and defecate there.

The female staff were ok, but the guy was not that friendly.

Price: $2XX
Service: could be better
Service charge: no but min $60 per person and it each person must order a drink and a food item.
Yummy factor: Could be better
Sweetness levels: sweet enough for diabetes
Napkins provided: no
Portion sizes: small
Noise levels: Noisy
Glass of water provided: you can ask for it
English Menu: no
Air Conditioning: Yes

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