Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Chan's by the sea!

海傍陳記 (Western District)
Came to this restaurant because it seems to be famous for its pan fried rice rolls.

I couldn't quite figure out why its Chinese name means by the sea because it was a few streets away from the sea.
However inside the restaurant, there is a backdrop of the sea as you view it from New Praya Kennedy Town street.

On the tables, there were cute chopstick holders made from cardboard.

Imitation sharks fin soup:

The soup was big!

It was the usual imitation soup with meat, egg but then I found some pork blood jelly which livened it up because I've never seen pork blood jelly in it!
Although it was weird, it tasted nice.
XO sauce pan fried rice rolls:

The rice rolls were nicely done but it was too oily for my liking.
The soy sauce and dried scallops on the rice rolls were delicious.
Cute metal spoon with a star handle:


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