Monday, September 23, 2013

RAsuperMEN rips open to super ramen

rasupermen (銅鑼灣)

When you go to rasupermen, you are greeted by a big set of curtains with rasuperman's chest which rip open to the entrance of the restaurant.

Thanks to KC, I was invited to this tasting to try their new RAMEN burger.

Since my last visit, there are so many more new items on the menu and their ramen has been modified and tastes better than the previous tastings according to other foodies (arent I lucky to try it at its best)!

Heres what we tried.
Codomo fruit soda:

There were five pretty bottled sodas each covered in a fruit skin design.
The five flavours were: white peach, watermelon, melon, durian and mango.
To be honest, melon should be the one that tastes the best but you don't often find Durian soda so I just had to try it.

Durian soda:The soda was really nice and just like normal soda except that it was durian flavoured.
It had an interesting savoury sweet taste that is not as pungent as the fruit.
Ramen burger:

This is similar to the rice burger but ramen is used to make the burger base.
It is slightly easier to eat than a rice burger because the noodle base is crispy and holds together well.
However it is easier to eat it with knives and forks.
Overall I really liked the ramen burger because I loved the BBQ sauce and the beef patty was really good because it was lean and juicy.
For improvements I would like to see a thinner patty and thinner noodle burger or another fun idea would be mini ramen burgers as snacks but it would be hard to make.
Sakura prawn shio ramen:

The ramen comes with deep fried julienne vegetables mixed with prawn.
The broth was amazing and I loved the abundance of crispy sakura shrimps and finely chopped chives on top.
The ramen itself was really nice, it was similar to the texture of tagliatelle.
I am so glad that the noodles have been modified and tastes better than my initial visit.
Tonkotsu soymilk ramen:

The broth for this was surprisingly different to other soymilk broths, it was much stronger and there was a really concentrated soymilk taste in it.
I loved the balance of shredded vegetables and the pork which was lovely and soft.
I do not usually eat the pork in the ramen but this one tasted great I finished all of it.
Pork belly tsukemen:In other ramen joints I don't normally order Tsukemen (noodles dipped in thick broth) because I was not fond of the thick noodles.
But here, the thick broth and noodles were really nice and there were three different noodles.

There are three colours Black for Charcoal, orange for red ginger and green for green tea.
There is only a slight taste difference in the noodles because they wanted to make the noodles more attractive.
The thickness was just right and I loved the way the broth adhered to it, and in the broth there was pork and leek in it too.
Zuwai crab and Hokkaido sweet corn ramen:
Lastly, we had the sweetcorn ramen.
I thought this was going to be the lightest tasting broth, but it tasted strong as well which was good and I could taste fish in it too.
The sweetcorn was impressive because it was removed from the cob but the loose sweetcorn pieces still held together.
Shio icecream (salt):

The shio icecream was interesting because it was greyish pale blue in colour and the taste was amazing because it actually had salt crystals in it which give a burst of saltiness here and there that was not too salty but enhanced the icecream. The shio icecream tastes even better than salted caramel flavours because it is salty in a different way.
For the icecreams, the texture was just right. The spoon glided effortlessly in the icecream.
Rice icecream:

As well as the Shio icecream above, this one was also delicious because it had bits of rice in it giving a nice mouthful.
I loved the rice puffs on top which tasted similar to Sugar puffs (a British rice cereal )
A photo of the icecream flavours they offer:Red tea, Salt, Brown sugar and caramel, Rice.


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