Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Trigger ready? Dog ready? Let's go Hot Dog hunting

Trigger Dog Family (North Point)

There are not many good places for hot dogs and some of the good ones have closed down such as Toppings which was just a few roads from this place.
Other good Hot Dog places that I like include Tsuen Wan's Hot Dog family, Sai Kung's juicy J's and now this one.

I saw it listed on OpenRice and was imediately attracted to it because the nameTrigger Dog Family sounded American.

After checking their FB, I knew I was going to like it because their Hot Dog names and design was really nice and not Chinesey.

The owner is a designer which is why the design is flawless and how a hot dog shop should look with the matching decor and posters.

Basically they have five hot dogs which represent the Trigger family, each with a story behind it illustrated on their menu.

Their hot dogs are inexpensive because Hot Dogs are a common thing in the US just like sandwiches in the UK, so their basic hot dog only costs $20 a la carte.

The hot dog itself is quite big so it is extremely filling and they have potato wedges too if you order the set which are baked and not fried making it oiless.
All the ingredients are fresh and do not contain preservatives.
The buns were how they should be and not local sweet tasting buns!!!

Photos of the shop:


Trigger's dog:

Frankfurter sausage with their signature sauce.
This is the most basic hot dog on the menu and it was really nice.
The frankfurter and soft hot dog bun were great together and the sauce complimented it nicely.
Essie's Dog:

Cumberland sausage and honey mustard.
This was a very meaty hot dog because of the cumberland sausage and it was very juicy dressed with sweet honey mustard.
Papa's Dog:

Debrecziner sausage with caramelized onion sauce.
The taste of this was slightly similar to Essie because it was sweet as well, but the taste of this dog was stronger because you can really taste the caramelized sweetness in the onions and the sausage had a smoky tone to it.
Wendy's Dog:

Cheese knacker krainer sausage and tailor made bolognaise sauce.
I liked the meaty sauce on top and the sausage was filled with cheese in the middle.
Boston's dog:

Nueremberger sausage and black pepper sauce.
This was the one I was looking forward to and it tasted just as good as I expected it to taste because Nueremberger sausages are juicy and packed with flavour.
The pepper sauce was amazing too because there was an interesting aftertaste, there was a slighty minty feeling to it similar to sichuan spices.

The brownies were just as good as the hot dogs, they were freshly baked so they were still warm.
It would be great if it came with whipped cream.
They were soft and moist and tasted like those molten soft chocolate cakes with a rich chocolate content that was not cloyingly sweet.
It was so nice that I scoffed two pieces!
To avoid disappointment, call to check its availability because it is often sold out.
In conclusion my favourites were Trigger, Wendy and Boston.
For frankfurter lovers, you can go for Wendy or Papa.
For sweetness lovers, you can go for Essie and Papa.
For people who like British sausages, you can go for Essie or Boston.

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