Sunday, September 01, 2013

Scrumptious pies any day any time from Tai Tai Pie Pies

Tai Tai Pie Pies (Admiralty)

I have always wanted to get pies from TaiTaiPiePies but never made it to their popup stalls at the markets.

Previously I tried their pecan pies when they did a joint venture with Secret Ingredients and Blue Smoke for Thanksgiving.

I was so glad to see them at Great supermarket and try other flavours which I could not get my hands on before.

However, there are still some flavours I would like to see such as: Spinach Pignoli Nut Quiche, Asparagus Cheddary Quiche, Cheese & Onion Quiche, B3P (Big British Breakfast Pie), Country Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, Coconut Dreams Cream Pie, Prosciutto Wrapped Figilicious Pie.

Their online ordering did not work for me because they only did the family sized pies but here you can get bite sized ones.

The pies here are all cold and refrigerated when you buy them so you need to reheat them when you get home.

All the pies are cooked right through so theoretically if you don't heat it up properly you will not get food poisoning.

They have an oven to reheat the pies if you should need it.

Basically they had savoury pies and sweet pies.

I was surprised to see Asian flavours: Three Cup Chicken Pie, The Hong Kong Beef Curry Pie, The Hong Kong Chicken Curry Pie, P10, Perfect 10 Vegetarian Hong Kong Curry Pie.

Although I do not like Chinese food, the tastes of the Asian Flavours probably taste good because TTPP pies are delicious.

After placing my order, they packed the pies in the bag and all I had to do was take them to the counter and pay.

It shows that they trust their customers and make life easy for them!!!

Most retail stalls will not give you your goods until you present the receipt.
Let's hope no one abuses this system by running away with some delicious TTPP's!!

In the box, there are some clear heating instructions.

The Ultimate Cottage Beef Pie:

I was really glad I got the cottage beef pie, it had chunks of sweet suede in it and the mash on top was delicious and dreamy.
Drunken Apple Crumble:

The alcoholic taste wasn't very strong but still a decent apple crumble.
Wholly Heavens Chocolate Sin Pecan:

The pecan chocolate pie was lovely and gooey with thick but not cloyingly sweet chocolate!
Wholly Heavens Pecan:

The pecan pie was also delicious and I am sure anyone would like it, the sweetness was just right with lovely pecan nuts and chewy filling on a delicious butter shortcrust.
Fishalicious Pie:

The pepper taste was a bit too strong for my liking because it was stronger than the fish.
But I liked the peas and carrots in it giving a balance to the spicy pepper taste and the pieces of fish.
Tart Cherry Sweet Crumble Pie:

This was my favourite, deliciously buttery crumbs on top with tart cherries on the bottom.

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