Friday, September 13, 2013

[Spark Bar & Restaurant - MongKok] The sparkle of sparks

To be honest I am reluctant to dine in Mong Kok because there are too many people and usually the food does not impress.
Again, I had doubts for this tasting but as I said I shouldn’t be biased.
The food was good and there were quite a few dishes I would come back for.

Spark’s is located on the third floor of Ho King Commercial Building where they used be famous for selling the pornographic and pirated copies of VCDs that have made the shopping centre famous.

Anyway, that is now history and they now sell computer and phone accessories!
Here was what we tried that night and you could tell some of the dishes were done by experienced people.

Juice with pineapple, orange and apricot:

Tasted nice and tropical with a peachy tone.
Mussels simmered in white wine cream sauce:

The mussels were really nice as the white wine sauce was really creamy.
Clams simmered in Hoegaarden beer:

I really liked these clams because clams are slightly softer than mussels and retains the sauce.
The hoegaarden beer has a really nice salty taste which tasted great with the clams.
Buffalo chicken wings:

Tried the buffalo wings piping hot and when they were cooled down, at different temperatures they tasted different.
I liked them hot because the taste was tangier and the cracked black pepper on top spiced it up.
Deep-fried Hokkaido scallop with eel marinated sauce:

Basically if you like popcorn shrimp or southern fried chicken, then you will like this because the scallops were coated in that coating which has a slightly fiery taste.
The scallops tasted good without the sauce and the scallops were still tender inside.
Fettuccine with cattle cheek braised in red wine sauce:

The beef was lovely and tender in rich red wine sauce, but the fettuccine was a bit too buttery for my preference.
Photo's of the restaurant:


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