Thursday, September 05, 2013

Chinese donut

Tai Cheong Bakery Express (Wan Chai)
Thanks to a friend for getting me this.

Chinese donut:

This time I had a whole one and my comments are slightly different to the last time I tried it.
It did not have that nasty frying oil smell and the taste was very egg and moist.

I was surprised to see that it was very airy inside not like the western donuts.

The donut exterior was like a huge choux bun, but the inside was incredible soft and extremely moist!

At first I thought the dampness of the dough was the frying oil, but it was not.

The donut looks big but when you bite into it, it is actually like a sponge and compresses. The donut exterior was chewier than the western type.

Overall I still prefer the western donut, but the inside of the Chinese donut is nice in the sense that it is moist and similar to fresh airy bread.

It is really similar to a sugar coated soggy American popover.

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