Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fuss free comfort dining

IKEA Café (Kowloon Bay)

I have always wanted to try this place but Megabox is inconveniently located.

Last time I attempted to try this place, there were quite a lot of people so I gave up.

This time I came during off-peak hours, so the queue was not that long!

Basically, you grab a trolley and push it along the counter and take/order the items that you want.

The ordering style is very common in other countries but I don't know why it takes a Swedish company to be the first in Hong Kong.

It is also mind baffling that other places have not copied this style because when something is successful and making money, there are always market followers.

Having the trolley made me feel at ease because I could get whatever I wanted and stacked it on the trolley without having to worry how I was going to bring it to the table.

There were quite a few items they did not have: salmon steak, Cheese and spinach pancakes, fish filet in breadcrumbs, spinach salmon pie and fried cheese.

My trolley of food!~

Vegetable medallions:

The vegetable medallions were nice, mixed with lots of brocoli and potatoes.
However they were soggy and heavy compared to TUCK SHOP who cooked it better.
Swedish meatballs with cream sauce:

The meatballs were nice and soft, complemented by the delicious gravy and sweet jam.
Golden chicken wings:

The chicken wings were not memorable because they were tasteless.
Swedish curry shrimp with pasta:

The pasta curry was surprisingly nice, it tasted like a light curry which is similar to Japanese curries with the odd pieces of potatoes, prawns here and there.

The prawns were meaty with lots of prawn roe beneath the shell. They were sweet and slightly salty due to the brine that it was in.
Salmon lasagne:

The salmon was a bit too fishy and the tomato sauce did not match the lasagne.

All those items above and it did not break the bank.
The price is similar to eating at Saizeyria.

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