Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mushroom and egg muffin from KFC in Hong Kong

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Wan Chai)
I don't usually get breakfast but when I do have a chance to get breakfast, it is hard deciding which place to go, and then which item for breakfast.
In this case I chose KFC because I have never tried the muffin with mushroom and egg and I got two sets because I don't know when I wil have breakfast again!

Mushroom and egg muffin:

The mushroom and egg muffin was really nice but I would have preferred scrambled egg or omelette because the yolk was a bit dry.
The mushroom and cheese sauce on the other hand were really nice.
Fried dough stick:

The dough stick did not taste as nice as the one I had previously, this one was too hard and chewy.
Soy milk:
Too sweet
Tasted quite good because it was quite watery which is good for a non coffee drinker.

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