Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tasting @ Ahu

AHU (Tin Hau)

Previously tried this place and the food was great so when I was invited to the tasting I did not hesitate to go.

At the tasting, we tried all the noodles and some new items:

Sliced pork in spicy sauce (new item):

The pork was evenly sliced with an even fat distribution and the spicy sauce was really nice without being too spicy.
Deep fried pigs trotters:

The trotters were soft and tasted better than my first visit.
Deep fried dumplings:

They were crispy on the outside with delicious minced pork filling that goes well with the pot of spicy vegetables.

Spicy chicken:

The chicken was just as good as the spicy pork slices because it was a similar sauce with peanuts and sesame sprinkled on top.
Deep fried squid:

The squid had a lovely crispy coating with some fragrant spices on the outside, a great appetizer to start off with.
Stir fried vegetables:

The vegetables reminded me of Tomyumkung because it had a hint of lemongrass and it was slightly spicy.
Salted egg & Preserved Egg with coriander soup noodles

This was my favourite because it had preserved eggs, salted eggs, vegetables and chunky tofu.
A really healthy and light option.
Assorted meat, mushrooms and vegetables with fresh tomato soup noodles

For tomato lovers, the broth is really nice and appetizing balanced with meat, vegetables and chunks of fresh tomatoes.
Sichuan style pickle cabbage beef and chili with soup noodles

The broth was really spicy, good for people who love spicy foods.
A Hu dumpling, chicken with laksa soup noodles

This was as good as my first visit because the broth was not that spicy and it had a nice prawn taste. The tofu puffs tasted really good after it soaked the broth.
The chicken was nice and tender too.
Deluxe marinated, seasonal vegetables and soup noodles

I liked this one too because the broth had hints of red beancurd.

In conclusion I would recommend the laksa broth and the Salted egg & Preserved Egg coriander soup.

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