Thursday, September 19, 2013

The best blackforest cake in Hong Kong

Vanilla (Mid-Levels)

Found out about this bakery because I was at a restaurant nearby.
It would be hard discovering this bakery on openrice because there were not many recent reviews even though this place has been here for YEARS!!

They had a good selection of British pies, quiches and cakes.

The one that caught my eye was the blackforest cake.

Blackforest cake:

After removing the plastic sheet that was around the cake, I knew I made the right choice choosing it!
As well as the cherry on top, you could see whole cherries in the middle.

There were at least NINE WHOLE cherries in this cake! (Money well worth spent already and this cake was only $34)

The price of this cake was extremely reasonable too compared to other crappy local cakes which only give you chopped cherries and cheap cream.
As well as that the chocolate shavings on top were amazing because they were NANO thin and melts in your mouth. They were as soft as snowflakes.
The cake as a whole was delicious, the chocolate sponge was light and the cream was deliciously fresh whipped cream guaranteed with a juicy cherry in each bite because there were so many cherries in this cake!
I'll be back!
Best of the British.

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