Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mediterranean buffet at The Greenery

The Greenery (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Thanks to Isaac for the inviting me to this buffet tasting.
The Greenery is really classic because it has been here for decades.

This is probably my second or third visit at The Greenery.

My first visit was quite a few years ago and I really liked the food but did not review it at the time because it was a private function.

The buffet theme for September is Mediterranean food with fresh seafood and most importantly my favourite couscous

Here are some photos of what I had and what was available.
The range was impressive, they had deep fried oysters, seafood broth where you pick your seafood and the soup. If you choose the spicy Italian tomato soup, it is similar to having seafood Bouillabaisse.


Great paella especially the rice, it was fully flavoured and soaked up the seafood essense.

Cous Cous:


The fish was set alight before serving to give it more flavour.
I was surprised it was still moist and soft deliciously complemented by the olive sauce.
Grilled prawns:

These prawns were huge and meaty covered with grilled cheese and caviar on top.
Pandan pancake:

The pandan pancake was really nice with a strong pandan taste.
For the filling I chose cream and sprinkled it with dessicated coconut.
Chinese soup:

The soup was strong and you could see the ingredients that they put in the soup.

This was my favourite, you choose your seafood, vegetables and the soup base.
If you like Bouillabaisse then choose the spicy tomato soup which is similar, but I liked the vegetable broth because I could taste the vegetables and seafood.

This was one of the plates I had and I kept going out for more because the food was really good.
I was really amazed they had palm heart salad because it is a delicacy and frankly I have not tried it before but after trying it I really liked it.
It had a really delicate texture and it was not woody.
The fried oyster was good too and you could choose worchester sauce, lemon or Chinese salt to go with it.

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