Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Home Made Pink Beetroot pasta

Le Bonbon de Paris (Sai Kung)
Went into Sai Kung deliberately to try the Beetroot pasta.

As always, this place is always full of people even at 8pm (which is late by Sai Kung standards!!!)

Since my last visit, there are now so many new items on the menu.

They had my favourite gnocchi.

At the front, there are so many new desserts, they had croissants, chocolate and dark chocolate cakes filled with soft chocolate.

I ended up choosing the peas with pasta, there are three home made pastas to choose from: tomato, spinach or beetroot.

peas with beetroot pasta:

The normal version has chicken, but I did not feel like having meat that day.
The pasta was really nice and the sauce was lovely and creamy balanced by the strong herbs and sweet fresh peas on top.
There was some garlic salt on the table too which enhanced the taste even more.

Thanks to Le Bonbon de Paris for sponsoring me the delicious pasta.
Merci Beaucoup!

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