Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another retro eatery

Fook Chun Bo Restaurant (Wan Chai)

At lunch, this place is invisible because there are crowds of people outside and it looks so old and tatty I did not really want to go in.

I finally gave this place a visit on a quiet afternoon.

Inside, everything was old as expected.
The staff were interesting, they had pride and arrogance.

Photos of the restaurant:

Stir fried instant noodles with baby squids:

When the noodles came, I was impressed because I could not smell that nasty oily which you normally get.
The noodles were perfect and not too soft.
Each strand was fully flavoured with soy sauce with a stir fried taste that was not rancid and there was a good balance of julienne carrots in it.
The baby octopuses were just quick frozen ones so they were slightly tasteless but the overall saltiness of the instant noodles were just right.

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