Sunday, September 29, 2013

More food from the Tuck Shop

It's a Tuck Shop (Wan Chai)
Came here a year ago and since then the choices have improved.
They sell more tuck shop items and stationary goods.

Although there are more choices, the menu is quite confusing so do not trust the product photos.

Some of the items that they serve are from IKEA and obviously cost more here because he has to cook it for you without making a loss too!

The hamburger and vegetable hash brown were cooked on the pan and it was very impressive that he washed the pan and wiped it dry before cooking the next item so it did not cross contaminate each other or leave a rancid taste on the next item to be cooked.
It was good that he cooked the hamburger patty and potato hash brown separately instead of being lazy and cooking both on the pan at the same time.

The bun was nice and the same as the bun used for hamburgers at McDonalds, however the patty was not beef and tasted like the sausage patty in the sausage muffin served at McDonalds.

Vegetable hash brown:

This is basically the vegetable medallion from IKEA and it tastes better here because it is cooked so that there is a crispy surface.
It was slightly cheesy loaded with potatoes and brocoli.

It was literally meatballs in a pot of tomato ketchup.
The meatballs were quite nice, they were soft and did not contain any gristle in it.
Peach tea:
There were a choice of Lemon or Peach tea.
The teas were obviously the Nestle brand.
Total: $3X
Service: GREAT
Service charge: OK
Yummy factor: ok
Napkins provided: yes
Portion sizes: small
Noise levels: None
Glass of water provided: No
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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