Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A-list icelollies from a1 bakery

I was surprised to discover that A-1 bakery sold ice-lollies.

There are four flavours with dummy icelollies to show what it looks like inside.
Green tea and red beans, rum and raisin, dark chocolate and strawberry, banana and chocolate.

All of them are coated with chocolate.
The only one I wanted to try was the rum and raisin.

The candies on the icelolly stuck to the wrapper when you took it out so the design wasn’t that good.

Anyway, the rum icecream was gorgeous with juicy sweet raisins in every bite but the only thing that spoilt it was the cheap chocolate coating that was soft and horrible and I hate white chocolate.
Decent chocolate should be crisp and not like soft plastic.

The other flavours were tempting but I didn’t try it because it strawberry and banana might taste artificial.
I would have tried green tea but it had red beans which I don't like.
The bill: $22
Yummy factor: Could be better
Sweetness levels: just right
English Menu: no

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