Monday, August 03, 2015

Dining at Ramas Oyster Bar & Grill

Ramas Oyster Bar & Grill is located at SHK, so it is quite a walk but a popular venue for group gatherings because they have an alfresco balcony and there is a carpark which makes it easily accessible.
Started dinner with crudites and bread, one of the breads was very aromatic with a sage and onion smell.

Fresh oyster platter:

Tried the Four Seasons and Gillardeau, both tasted strong with a salty and metallic taste.
Classic caesar salad:

Unlike other caesar salads, I liked the way they used the heart of romaine lettuce which is crisp and sweet and tasted nice with the creamy sauce and crispy bits of bacon.
Beef carpaccio:

Didn't really try this but I tried the crispy cheese which was really nice.
Salmon tartare:

The salmon tartare was nice and refreshing with avocado salsa beneath it and big pearls of cod roe on top.
Provencale bouillabaisse:

The bouillabaisse was divine especially the halibut fish and fresh clams which was in this rich but not overly salty broth.

Sauteed diamond clams served with linguine in black garlic parsley and chardonney clam sauce:

The clams were served first and I could not get enough of this because they were fresh and sweet.
The sauce that was used to cook the clams was also used on the linguine which was al-dente infused with a lovely clam taste.

Char grilled US prime rib eye steak:

A huge piece of steak presented nicely with carrots and okra.
The steak was juicy and soft.
Roasted Tasmanian lamb rack:

Another beautifully presented dish.
The lamb was not gamey and tasted a bit like beef.
On the side were brussel sprout hearts, cherry tomatoes, carrots and potatoes.
Slow cooked Tasmanian salmon filet:

The salmon was pink and pretty paired with beautiful veggies and silky mash.
It was slow cooked so it had a lovely soft and delicate texture.
Truffle baked half maine lobster:

Another flawless dish with fresh and springy lobster.
Ginger souffle:

To finish off, had the ginger souffle which really warming because there was finely grounded ginger in the souffle.
Bread pudding:

The bread pudding was the best because it was not too buttery or sweet.
Ramas Oyster Bar & Grill:
Shop 2A-1, 2/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road,

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