Saturday, August 22, 2015

New gathering place at the Townhouse

Fans of Glasshouse are going to love this place because it is part of the Gaia group so they serve some dishes from Glasshouse as well as some new dishes.

It is located on one of the top floors of the California building with great views of Central.

At the entrance there is a lively cocktail bar.

The environment was relaxed so I took my time ordering and ordered more after the small bites were enjoyed.

Here was what I had:
herbs garden:

After mixing the tea, it turned into a pretty purple drink.
It was a refreshing mix of lime juice, basil leaves and blue butterfly tea which turns purple.
The drink was really refreshing and acidic.
Hibiscus dance:

This was a mix of hibiscus, sisou leaves and peach and the combination of the ingredients tasted like ribena and roselle tea.
Salted quail, deep fried:

Started off with the fried quail which really started my appetite going.
Each piece of coated quail was so scrumptious with tender quail meat and a delicious salty coating that it didn't need the extra salt that was given.
I could have done with more of this!!
cheese rice rolls, bacon and 62 deg C egg:

I was really glad the waitor recommended this because I just assumed they were noodles in a cheese sauce (according to the wording on the menu) but the waitor said they were rice rolls which made them even more interesting.
The rice rolls were panfried with soy sauce and topped with cheese and onsen egg which tasted surprisingly nice.
My Pad Thai:

Normally for pad thai noodles, it is Cambodian noodles but here they have been replaced with squid ink noodles which were al dente and tastier.
After the egg was added, the noodles were much silkier.
Duck soup noodles:

This was probably the best duck noodles I have had if they can keep the standards because the duck was fresh and the broth had a fragrant aniseed flavoring with a clear and non oily strong duck broth.
[yat lok is also famous for duck noodles but I haven't tried so I can't compare].
Fresh shaved coconut:

To be honest, it did not taste as good as the one at Glasshouse because the malibu couldn’t be tasted and the texture was like a sorbet and not shaved slushy ice served at the Glasshouse.
Fondue set:

This was fun to eat, dipping bits and pieces in the bubbling custard sauce that was not too sweet.
23/F., California Tower, 30-36 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong,Central
2344 2366

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