Friday, August 28, 2015

Good food at Babbo Trattoria, hope they maintain the standards

A few years ago there were not many good Italian dos, I used to like Fat Angelos and Amaroni’s but too many new restaurants have been opening that they have faded in my list.
Jamie’s Italian is a really good by HK standards but in the UK it is actually a mid range restaurant.
At first I had doubts on Babbo Trattoria but after I saw the menu, I changed my mind because there was a good variety unlike other restaurants which only have one or two authentic Italian dishes and the rest are localized.
Babbo Trattoria is located at Plaza 2000, which used to be a shabby mall that has recently been rennovated with PRADA on the ground floor.

The decor is how you would expect the place to be.

Started off with green tea.

I was glad I was recommended the Caesar Salad because it really stole the show with envious stares across the room.
If it were not recommended I would definitely not have ordered it because typical Caesar salads are just lettuce in a creamy Caesar dressing but here it is lettuce topped with bacon where they will shave the Grand Piadano cheese right in front of you from the block of cheese.

It was such a show that captivates every diner whenever this dish is brought out.

Thick and big pieces of cheese shavings, which looked like White chocolate, were piled on top of the lettuce and then they help to slice the lettuce into smaller pieces.
After the sinful salad of with lots of cheese, I had this other guilty dish which is Babbo bread served with a pot of Formaggio cheese on top of an egg which is mixed together infront of you for you to dip the bread in!

The bread itself was tasty and slightly salted so after dipping it in the molten mix of cheese and egg, it was just damn good!
I ordered some grilled potatoes because I need carbs in my diet and they were crispy and fluffy in the middle.

They also tasted amazing with the remaining cheese and egg,

Following that we had the pasta, which was buccatini. The waiter recommended me this but it didn’t register with me at first as Buccatini as he said it in Chinese so I thought he meant rigatoni or macaroni.

It smelt absolutely scrumptious when it arrived because the glistening gold mullet roe gives it that salty and aromatic flavouring.

It would have been perfect if it wasn’t too spicy.

For dessert, it was another guilt!
To my surprise, they have a display sample of the desserts.

It was not so much on the sweetness but the lovely CREAM!
We had the mascarpone and cheese icecream
The mascarpone was a thick dollop drizzled with vinegar and it basically tasted like delicious clotted cream so I would been happy with more bread or some scones to go with it.

The cheese icecream looked like delicious Cornish icecream which is also yellow in colour, again another guilty item because it was fragrant and creamy but not too sweet.

It would be great if they had table knives at the table so you don't have to ask for it and a bigger tea selection would be great because they don't have breakfast or Earl grey tea.

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