Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Non patrons

I tried to go to Pacific Coffee at Tang Lung Street because there are some cakes exclusive to that branch but the place was packed so went to this branch for a drink.

This branch was small and cozy with two sides and a wasted entrance that divides the café into two sides.

Got the Earl Grey tea, which was really hot to begin with, but then the air con is really strong so it cools down fast.

I didn’t like the brand they used because it had a weird taste of rose.

Anyway, I get annoyed with people abusing McDonald’s, McCafe and Coffee places especially when they are non-paying patrons sitting there.

The place was pretty empty and this woman who did not buy a drink sat right next to me for at least 20 minutes pretending she was my friend.
No drink on her table!

Her sitting right next to my bag!

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