Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Purple Potato with Smokey Bacon icecream at Lab Made

Found out from social media that there was a new Purple Potato with Smokey Bacon icecream at Lab Made, so went there for it.

Basically, it was a lilac coloured fragrant ice cream mixed with lots of starchy purple sweet potatoes topped with more purple potato mash, whipped cream and bacon!
It was a nice pairing of mildly savoury purple potato and bacon which was delicious and in the middle, there were rice crispies which gave it a nice crunch that amplifiied the crispy texture of bacon.

Lab Made has successfully established themselves as the number one nitrogen icecream in HK.
The good news is that they have HOMIES, which are tubs that you can buy to take home available in four popular flavours.

-Almond Chocolate Vanilla (杏仁朱古力雲呢拿 HK$105),
-Fancy Ferrero (金之莎 HK$120),
-HK Custard Bun (奶皇包 HK$120),
-Sea Salt Milk Gelato with Caramel (海鹽牛奶焦糖 HK$120).
All HOMIES will be packaged with Dry Ice to keep it cool.

I got the HK Custard Bun which is crammed with lots of salted custard egg yolk filling and extremely addictive.
It was definitely good having the tub because you can really dig in with a big metal spoon!

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