Saturday, August 22, 2015

New menu at Enmaru Izakaya

Since my last visit, there are some new items on the menu.

The Kirin Frozen beer is looking colouring with cucumber, yuzu and other flavours!!

Here was what we had:
Yellow back seabream:

The grilled seabream has a firm texture and it is big which is great for sharing.
Iwate Nanbudori Chicken Thigh Genshiyaki:

I don't normally eat the skin but the skin is crispy and tasty and the chicken was springy and tender!!
Kumamoto Rindo Pork with Saikyo Miso Sauce:

The pork was really juicy and tender flavoured by the smoky miso sauce.
Japanese whole Onion:

It was a pleasure eating this because the onion was just crisp and sweet without a sting and it didn't really need the salt on the side.
Thick Cut Beef Tongue grilled on Rock Salt:

The ox tongue is grilled on a salt block which gives it flavour while it is sizzling on the salt block.
It tastes nice when you grill it to the point the surface is slightly crispy with a salty surface.
Salad with snow crab:

This was a refreshing salad with crab paired with fragrant truffle oil.
Kagoshima Wagyu Tataki with Truffle Ponzu:

More scrumptious slices of wagyu with fragrant truffle that melts in your mouth.
Wagyu Devil Roll:

I loved the rolls because the rice was flavoured and in the middle the greens gave a nice balance to the fatty beef.
Flambe’ Marinated Tuna and Avocado with Wasabi Sauce:

This was nicely seared tuna with a pink centre paired with creamy avocado and wasabi sauce.
Deep-fried Oyster with Grated Radish:

These oysters were coated with a crispy light batter surrounded in white radish paste which tasted really nice.
Deep-fried Snow Crab and Cheese:

It was a nice pairing of cheese and crab encased in a lovely crisp tempura batter.
Kagoshima Wagyu Shabu Udon:

More Wagyu and udon which tasted nice in the sweet tasting broth.
King Crab and Seafood Hot:

The seafood pot was delicate and sweet with the vegetables giving it a lovely flavour.

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