Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All you can eat dimsum brought to u by Mr Weather at Loyal Dining

All you can eat dim sum brought to you by Loyal Dining and Mr Weather.
Mr Weather is a fictional character who brings you the weather forecast everyday.
Despite being struck by lighting, frozen to ice and burnt by the scorching sun, he does not die!

Anyway, I was attracted to the all you can eat dimsum because the I love dim sum and the hours are hours are from 2-6 pm which is pretty good for people who get up late.

They are currently doing a promotion on Instagram so if you post a photo and # the relevant tags you get a free bag.

Photo that was posted on my ig supersupergirlhk

Tried the Mr Weather platter, which is a mix of dim sums.

The Sichuan dumplings were the best because they were spicy contrasted by the fragrant Chinese celery.

Cute eggtarts.

Steamed custard buns with a lovely runny centre.

Chinese soup:

Old fashioned icecream sundae

Spot the doubles in English

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