Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chopinlicious at The Chop House (Causeway Bay)

I have always wanted to try this place since it opened but you have to come in a group so that you can try more stuff.

Real beer taps that diners can freely use.

Finally went here for a gathering and here was what we had:
Virgin pina colada:

Started off with pina colada which had a nice strong pineapple base that was smoothed out by the coconut milk without being too sweet.
Chicken Quesadillas:
Tomatoes, Jack cheddar cheese folded in a bread tortilla , served with sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo.

I loved the Quesadillas and they tasted good with or without the sauces.
If you begin with them plain, you can taste that yummy cheese and there is a hint of chili con carne too.
After the sauces are added, the Quesadilla comes alive.
Soft shell crab club sandwiches served with tater tots:
These are served until 5pm.

These were great for sharing with a fried soft shell crab that looked like it was still alive.
Each bite had crispy soft shell crab and creamy mayonnaise which was a perfect pairing.
Sweet potato fries:

For munches we had sweet potato fries which had a crisp crunch with a fluffy sweet centre.
Berkshire pork chop basted in Mongolian glaze consisiting of hoisin sauce and black bean chili sauce served with sauteed red cabbage.

The pork was succulent and juicy covered in this Mongolian glaze that had this Chinese twist to it but surprisingly the hoisin sauce and pork tasted really good together.

There were also three other sauces that you could use which were: onion jam, mustard and herbs and beetroot.
My favourite was the mustard and herbs because the mustard was jazzed up with a hint of spiciness infused with herbs.


The Chop house baileys cheesecake:

The cheesecake was thick and creamy with a hint of baileys.
My friend liked this one more than the apple.
Apple strudel in tortilla with vanilla icecream:

As an apple pie lover, I really liked it because the tortilla was thin and there was so much apple filling which was tart and natrual.
The Chop House:
3/F, 1 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay
2771 3177

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