Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mix and match noodles

Found out about Noodies a few weeks ago because I saw pictures of these pretty purple bowls.
I didn’t know it was owned by a friend until a recent post by Elena Kong (江美儀) which made me visit the place asap!

At Noodies, there are three choices of broth: Laksa, Tom Yum Kung and Pork broth.
The BEST and unique thing here is that you can choose two different types of noodles for an extra $3 more like the way they eat noodles in Singapore but in Singapore they only pair rice vermicelli and egg noodles.
I chose the Laksa broth with a mix of Korean noodles and Shanghai noodles.

It is good that they put the different noodles on different sides.

The Shanghai noodles were thicker in diameter than expected because I thought they were the thin ones and the Korean noodles, which were Korean instant noodles, were yummy because the big curls hang more soup to it.

It was great that I could choose Korean noodles because I am allergic to Korean spices and here they use whatever broth you choose.
I regretted not just getting Korean noodles because they were really nice but then I like this flexibility because you can experiment two different noodles in one go and see which tastes better.
The Laksa broth was quite spicy in my opinion but it was nice.
On another visit, I tried the Tom Yum Kung broth with Shanghai noodles and the broth was quite strong with pungent lemongrass flavouring but the lime was not prominent enough.

Hope to see Buk Kut Teh and Prawn broth soon!
Noodies:Shop E, G/F, Fook Moon Building, 56 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District
The bill: $47.7

Service: good
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: ok
Portion sizes: reasonable
Noise levels: None
Glass of water provided: No
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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