Saturday, August 08, 2015

Chicken testies with cart noodles at High Street Cart Noodle

Discovered this shop because I was having dinner in the area but it wasn't open that night so I went the following day.
I was attracted here by the front which looked old but inside it was modern.

For cart noodles you have to order at least three items which cost $9 so I chose braised beef, beef tripe and braised chicken testes with e-fu noodles with Sichuan broth and Beef broth.

I wish there were more options to choose such as luncheon meat and beef tendons.

Chicken testes fans can come here for them if they don't fancy having a hotpot.
I was impressed with the noodles because the broth was strong and clear, you can see how dark it was with a strong anise flavour.

The chicken testes were as good as expected and they taste like shirako.

The Sichuan chili oil was served separately so that you can control the level of spiciness.

For drinks I had the coconut water which is my favourite.
Natrually sweet and hydrating which is a nice option instead of canned syrupy drinks.

Hopefully on my second the noodles will be just as good because I will be back.

Address: 39 High St, Sai Ying Pun
Phone: 2858 2680

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