Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More and more passion by Gerard Dubois Passion by Gerard Dubois

There are so many branches of Passion by Gerald Dubois. This new branch is frankly too far for me but went here because someone I know from Shortbread Teas works here!
She used to be at the Central branch of GD but she is now here.

Anyway, the place is packed with people because there is not much decent Western food here.

I went for the cakes and had tea.
Framboise chocolat:

Tried the new Framboise chocolat, which has refreshing raspberry mousse with chocolate paste in the middle that gives it a sweet balance.
Earl grey pear:

Then I had the Earl grey pear, which was an interesting pairing. I loved the fragrant earl Grey mousse contrasted by the gritty sweet pear paste in the middle.
Framboise pistache:

The Framboise pistache was the prettiest cake out of all three, layers of mint green and blush pink.
It was quite sweet with nutty tones of pistachio and sweet raspberry.
Jasmine tea:
I loved this tea because they used whole leaves which you can see.

Nice place and see you again soon T!

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