Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby hairy crabs at Shanghai Lo

For those who can’t wait for the Hairy Crab season, you can start eating baby hairy crabs here but they are smaller in size.
They taste the same in my opinion and the shell is softer and easier to manage.

Here was what we had, which was pre-arranged.

Starter platter:
Huadiao wine marinated green edamame beans, Huadiao wine marinated chicken, tea leaf smoked egg.

Started off with this lovely platter which I liked because I love anything that is soaked in Huadiao wine.
Toasted French baguette slice with baby hairy crab roe:

The crab roe was like delicious thick gravy with bits of crab and crab roe mixed it.
Great with the baguette slice because I find the Chinese steamed buns too sweet.
Shanghai Lo stir fried prawn with garlic and chili:

This was a huge prawn covered in crispy garlic and chili that was nice and spicy.
Fried rice cake with baby hairy crab:

When this was served, you could smell the lovely aroma of bean paste, each glutinous rice cake was thickly covered in this deliciously sweet and savoury sauce paired with crab roe rich crabs.
Traditional style Tiger grouper steamed with wine ferment:

I was looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint because the wine ferment tasted a bit like red beancurd.
Edamame beans and beancurd knot:

This was a light dish to end the meal and the beancurd knot was scrumptious because it had absorbed the lovely gravy.
Sweetened papaya with snow fungas and almond beancurd:

The highlight of this dessert was the almond beancurd which was silky with a strong almond taste.
Egg white souffle ball filled with custard:

Red beans haters rejoice because this traditional dessert is filled with creamy molten savory egg yolk custard that tastes better!

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