Monday, August 10, 2015

Wonton noodles that look Singaporean at Ying Kee Noodles

Discovered this joint when I was going to High Street Cart Noodles.
Out of curiosity I looked at the reviews on this place and the roast pork looked good so I went there.
If it had not been photos of the roast pork I would not have considered going there because I am not fond of wonton noodles.
The décor was old as expected with interesting lights and the staff were much nicer than anticipated.

There is no English menu and it doesn’t really tell you there are other noodle choices apart from wonton noodles.

Anyway ordered the roast pork and fried wonton noodles.
When it came, they looked like Singaporean style Chinese wonton noodles.

The pork was the most disappointing because it was fatty pork neck meat in the form of roast pork with a coloured edge.
As well as the pork I didn’t like the soapy tasting noodles and the crispy wontons were cold but still crispy!

Ying Kee Noodles 英記麺家
Address: G/F, 32 High Street, Western District
Phone: 2540 7950

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