Saturday, August 08, 2015

Ramen in Green tea and yuzu broth at Samurai Ramen

Discovered this ramen in luscious green tea broth from Kents FB.

Years ago green was not an appetizing colour but GREEN TEA mania has changed this perception.

While I was reading his article, I assumed it was from 中村藤吉 Nakamura Tokichi because almost every one was bragging about it on social media.
When I scrolled to the bottom, it said Samurai Ramen so I was quite surprised yet happy because it meant I didn't have to queue at Nakamura Tokichi.

It was a hot day which made it perfect for these noodles.

The broth was really refreshing with a strong grassy green tea taste, yet it was nice and savoury with a hint of yuzu.
However the yuzu could have been stronger because it was not tart enough which made the broth too sickly after a few sips.
The broth was ok but I didn't like the ramen because they were not the white ones.

I would give these noodles top marks if the yuzu flavour was stronger served with different noodles.

Samurai Ramen 武士拉面
Address: Austin Mansions, 15A Austin Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone: 2369 3211

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