Monday, August 03, 2015

Green Monday with new dishes at Sooo Vegi 素食主意

Found out from the other branch of Soo Vegi that there were new dishes at this joint so went here.
It was packed with people as usual.

Here was what I had:

This was basically lemon squash which was refreshing and not too sweet.
Mushroom soup:

Started off with a mushroom soup which was hearty and earthy with a dash of cream.
Chilled Shredded Veg. Chicken with Bean Pasta in Sesame paste $30
Veg. Curry Puff $30:

I ordered this and it was nice on a hot day.
Cool sheets of bean pasta in this savoury sesame paste that was not too sweet complemented by fresh cucumber.
Veg. Ham, mushrooms, preserved Veg with bean Sprout and Rice $40:

This was a nice dish because beanshoots have a high water content hence it was light and thirst quenching!
Braised eggplant with Preserved Vegetables and Rice $40:

This was a creative dish because they used preserved vegetables instead of salted fish which also makes it tasty.
I would have liked the aubergines to be cut into smaller chunks so that the aubergines would be tastier.

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