Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Granville experience at Granville Island Hong Kong

As well as my lovely British background, I have also fantasized if my parents were Canadians or Americans and I would totally be different.
Anyway when I first heard of Granville Island it somehow made me think about American soaps but Granville Island is actually CANADIAN.
There are now three Granville Islands in Hong Kong, I prefer the one at Sai Ying Pun because it is too close to the MTR!
The front of Granville Island restaurant looks EXACTLY like the Granville Island entrance in Canada!!!!!
At Granville Island, they serve a variety of Western food and craft beers.
I don’t drink alcohol but there were two that are worth trying because it has a light alcohol taste.
Tried the Swedish Kopparberg elderflower and lime which is nice because the alcohol taste isn't strong and I like the lime.

Also tried the Deadfrog which has a chocolate aftertaste.

For dinner here was what we had:
Sweet potato Fries($78):

A nice change from fries which were chunky sweet potatoes but they were a bit dry.
Jumbo Hot Buffalo Wings 6pcs($98):

These were really crunchy as claimed because it has a double coating which keeps it crispy and I liked the tangy sauce complimented by the sour cream.
Caesar Salad($98):

The salad was a good decent bowl of lettuce in creamy caesar sauce, a must for any dinner.
Garlic Prawn Linguine($168):

The pasta was al dente with spring prawns.
Flame Grilled U.S.Prime Sirloin Steal 10oz ($388):

Didn't try the beef because I don't really eat beef.
Free Range Chicken ($248):

Loved this and it tastes better than it looks because the chicken is tasty but the skin could have been crispier.
Granville Island Baby Back Ribs ($348half $498full):

These were good as well because the meat was soft and the BBQ sauce was smokey and sweet.
I would recommend the buffalo wings, roast chicken and ribs.

Granville Island:
Address: G/F, 64 High St, Sai Ying Pun
Phone: 2323 2237

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