Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yum 茶-Yum 勝 at Tycoon Tann

Saw this place being done up a few weeks ago but didn't know what it was until they opened.

It brings Chinese dim sum and Chinese tea to a new dimension because on the ground floor it is a bar that serves hip cocktails in traditional Chinese tea cups!

On the first floor, it is a restaurant.

The tables resemble the Chinese chess that locals play and the traditional tea cup is used for serving the cocktails.

It is creative how they labelled happy hour as YUM CHA.

Anyway, as I just had lunch I ordered the dessert.

It was pricier than I expected but not many places serve peach gum.

Royal peach gum tossed with red bean yoghurt:

I was quite impressed the dessert was served on dry ice, after it dissipated you could see the golden peach gum beneath it.
Peach gum is basically a resin that oozes from a peach tree and I suppose it is weird eating resin because I normally use it for gel nails!
Anyway, the edible form is totally different because it is similar to tasteless agar jelly which is why it is mixed in yoghurt and red beans for flavour.

I don't like red beans but these sweetened red beans helped to balance the tartness of the natrual yoghurt.
The bill: $1xx

Tycoon Tann
74 Wellington Street

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