Saturday, August 22, 2015

Interesting decor at the Castello 4 restaurant

To be honest I was captivated by the decor which reminded me of the TV series calle Babylon 5.

Anyway, the food was ok and a great place for gatherings.
Nicoise salad:

The salad dressing was a bit sharp but the egg was a bit Chinesesy because it was an omelette sliced into julienne shreds.
Other than that, it tastes ok.
Portobello stuffed with creamed spinach:

I found the creamed spinach too milky for my liking.
It would have probably tasted better if it was just spinach on its own.
Braised short rib:

The meat was soft enough but the sauce was not strong enough and the mash was also Chinese style because it tasted really sweet and had a weird viscous texture.
Mac N Cheese:

The crisp cheddar cheese on top was quite nice but the pasta sauce was a bit too oily, garlicky and sweet.
Creme brulee:

It tasted ok but again, it had the same milk taste as the creamed spinach.


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