Sunday, August 16, 2015

An odd afternoon in an odd place with odd food at Prime Deli

I would describe the feeling as oddity at this Chinese chachaanteng because it is located in a middle of market serving odd dishes!
It was weird because they had the croque madame and this Chinese style ginger pork trotters French toast.

T7 and T10
croque madame:

The toast was a bit too thick and it was Chinese bread with grilled cheese but there was not enough cheese and the egg was RAW.

I tried to tell them the egg was raw, but they didn’t get it and said it was meant to be raw but I don’t think the EGG WHITE is meant to be raw if you look at croque madames at other French restaurants.
Chinese style ginger pork trotters:

This was surprisingly good because it was not the typical Chinese toast dipped in egg but it was rolled like a burrito filled with thin slices of shabu shabu beef drizzled with Chinese style ginger pork trotters sauce.
The funny thing is that this does not contain any pork trotters!!
It tasted good because the sauce was just like sweet and sour sauce with a hint of ginger and the rolls were crispy filled with beef.

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