Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tea custard and Christmas mooncakes by Kee Wah Bakery

Thanks to Kee Wah Bakery for sending me more mooncakes.

This time I got Mini panda egg custard mooncakes, Tea custard mooncakes and Mini assorted nuts mooncakes with orange peel.

Tea custard mooncakes:
The tea custard mooncakes come in two flavours: Jasmine and Earl Grey, which are my favourite teas.

****EARL GREY****:
The Earl Grey tasted the best because the Earl grey was fragrant.


The Jasmine was also nice but the Jasmine flavouring was not strong enough.
Mini assorted nuts mooncakes with orange peel:

This was a surprise, the labeling reminded me of Christmas and it tasted like a chewy Taiwanese pineapple cake loaded with pumpkin seeds and orange peel which also tasted a bit like a not so sweet Christmas pudding.

Mini panda egg custard mooncakes:


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