Friday, August 28, 2015

My secret and cozy cabin

I rarely go to SK because the transport there is so troublesome.
The Cabin is located in the heart of SK yet not many people know this place because when everyone gets off the minibus they head to the town.
Anyway, found out about The cabin on openrice and discovered it was British fare so I had to try it.

Since K's British closed down I haven't had a decent meal.

The Cabin made my day because the decor is like a typical room in the UK matched with the chairs and tables.

At the front of the restaurant, I liked the display.

I went a bit crazy and ate too much like the first time at K's British because the food was just too good.

Here was what I had:
Mini Yorkshire Pudding Canapés:

This was such a SMART canape, it was like a Sunday roast summarized in a Yorkshire pudding. It was a mini Yorkshire pudding filled with a slice of juicy roast beef topped with creamy horseradish which had a lovely mustard kick to it.
Cottage pie with chips:

The cottage pie was divine with lovely chunks of meat and young carrot slices that were sweet in a rich gravy that had a fragrant Thyme flavour.
Children's Bangers and chips:

This was damn good because I love pork sausages and these sausages were too good.
Found out they were Walls Sausages.
The bangers and chips was actually a kids meal but because I ate so much I asked them to leave the beans.
It was the best sausage I have ever tasted because the sausage skin was amazingly crispy like Filo pastry, you could hear the crispiness of the sausage when you put your knife and fork to it yet the middle of the sausage was soft and moist with a yummy pork and herb taste.

Both the sausages and pie were served with chips and they are chippy chips which are peeled, hand-cut and fried so they have a soft texture with a shiny surface and a natrual sweet potatoey taste.
I asked for vinegar to go with these divine chips.

I am so happy, there is another place that has decent chips so I can't wait to see Fish and Chips on the menu.
Lemon Meringue:

Had the lemon meringue to finish and it was sweet with a strong lemon curd at the bottom.
Apple crumble with custard:

I had the apple crumble too because it was served with REAL custard and not FAKE VANILLA sauce.
The apple crumble wasn't too sweet and tasted delicious with real custard which I found comforting.
vallebelbo fior di vigna moscato:

This was complimentary to celebrate their recent opening.
I don't drink wine but it was sweet and aromatic so I actually liked it because it tasted like a dessert wine.
Can't wait to come back because they said there is going to be afternoon tea and they are updating the menu.

Cost per person HKD:$300
The Cabin:
G/F, 183 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, N.T. 新界西貢普通道183C地下
Hong Kong

2412 3183

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